Dave Thunder is an actor and comedian from New York
City.  He is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch
School of the Arts.  He has been acting professionally
since the age of eleven and has been working in the
comedy field since 2000.  His television credits include
appearances on "Late Night," The Cartoon Network’s
Adult Swim, ESPN, and programs for The Children’s
Television Workshop.  He can also be heard as the
English voice of "Signal," in the Japanese anime series,
"Twin Signal."  He has written and performed stand-up,
sketch comedy, and improvisation at various theaters
and clubs throughout the country, including notable runs
with The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (where he
performed on three "Harold" teams), The Magnet Theater,
and Gotham City Improv.  Highlights include appearing
as "Mark Twain" for the Chicago Improv Festival,
performing in his successful one-man show, "Don’t Laugh,
I Might Be Retarded," and a four-year run as the opening
act for the comedy/interview show, "Inside Joke."   In
2011, he was selected as a finalist for the prestigious
Andy Kaufman Award.
Nice things people have said about Dave Thunder…

"That was excellent.  A pleasure to watch."
-Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

"Dave Thunder contributed some excellent and
genuine characters… with unique vocal quirks and
an amazing attention to detail."
-William McEvoy, Citysearch.com

"Very funny."
-Al Franken, United States Senator

"I laughed so much.  He was really funny."
-Chris Parnell, Saturday Night Live

"That was great.  What was the accent?  I loved
that, it was like Chechneyan."
-Scott Thompson, The Kids In The Hall

"The 'Flavor Flav' of Mark Twains."
-Adam McKay, Director of Anchorman

-Dave Foley, Newsradio, The Kids In The Hall

"You will definitely laugh."
-Time Out New York
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