Deep in the jungles of Camzania, two men, disowned by their govern-
ments and families, spend day and night planning the final assault on
decency and the status quo.  Armed with sketches and videos, these
soldiers of comedy have taken the fight to the stage.  Will it be enough
to save a bored and distracted populace?  Sure.  Why not.
M4 Sketch Comedy, copyright 2012
On May 25, 2011, comedians Jon Bander and Dave Thunder vowed
to lose a combined forty pounds for their comedy show,
M4: Comedy’s Biggest Losers.  After weeks of comedy sketches,
exercises, dieting, and kvetching, it was time to find out the results.  
On July 15, 2011, in front of a sold out audience at New York’s
Magnet Theater, Dave and Jon weighed in for the last time.  They
destroyed their goal with a combined weight loss of 55.5 pounds.  
In less than two months, Jon went from 222 to 204, losing an
impressive eighteen pounds.  Dave went from 211.5 to 174, losing
an absolutely staggering thirty-seven and a half pounds.