Jon Bander and Dave Thunder love food.  Unfortunately, they love it
a little too much.  Jon Bander has struggled with obesity his entire life
and Dave Thunder suffered from dangerously high cholesterol.  Together,
they vowed to lose forty pounds by the end of their four week run of
comedy shows.  Each show featured sketches, characters, videos, and a
live weigh-in!  On July 15, 2011, in front of a sold out audience at New
York’s Magnet Theater, Dave and Jon weighed in for the last time.  They
destroyed their goal with a combined weight loss of 55.5 pounds.  In less
than two months, Jon went from 222 to 204, losing an impressive
eighteen pounds.  Dave went from 211.5 to 174, losing an absolutely
staggering thirty-seven and a half pounds.
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